Blog Tour Review: Bookfoolery and Babble

Our Holy Bible: Mosaic blog tour review is taking us to the stop from 10/21 at Bookfoolery and Babble, a nice eclectic book review blog. The tour stop there was a guest post from me, and I took the opportunity to discuss how we came to the title for this project:

Mosaic captures the “big idea” of what this Bible is about very well. As the body of Christ, every Christian is one piece of a unified whole–just like a mosaic is a unified picture made up of myriad individual pieces. Each piece contributes to the whole, but the whole is way more important than the individual parts. And the differences in the little pieces of stone, tile and glass are important. Different shapes, sizes, and colors are all needed to make the picture complete. And Holy Bible: Mosaic does a great job of highlighting many of the different shapes, sizes and colors that make up the body of Christ by providing quotes and art from every continent and every century of Christian history.

This post also offers the answer to a great trivia question you can break out at parties: What was the original working title for Holy Bible: Mosaic? You’ll need to go to the post to find out the answer.

Also be sure to check out the Bookfoolery and Babble review of Mosaic and enter the contest to win a copy (open until 11/18).

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